In 2021, you will be invited by your higher conscious self, GOD, and multi-universal unified oneness consciousness to infuse your life with more gratitude, joy through the power of love.
Having gratitude with joy daily is an embodied love energy exchange. That uplifts, shifts, and recalibrates an individual's entire energetics from the heart to soul.

Life is love oddesy; I'm not speaking to only in intimate unions. Actually, it initially stems from the love union held for self, with oneself. When we look to up shifting our lives all too often, we look for an outward sign, a gift from God, the universe, to permit us to take our next steps forward in whatever we desire to experience, create or call into our lives.
All too often, overshadowing our own creator life forces frequency in manifestation, creation, upliftment with love, joy, and gratitude.

As souls having a human exchange, we are here on Earth to love more, create more and experience more Joy in our lives. However, we are the...

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The year 2021 will be a slow, bright light flickering. Depending on where you are personally within your healing: a morphing transformative journey. Power is not outside of you, for you are the power you have been waiting for. It's now time to tap into the soul light's limitlessness emanating from you in a harmonious, loving, unified exchange.

Merging in the Masculine and Feminine's sacred divine union with the same elements that make up our existence is Aether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth in benevolence, divinity, power, loving sovereignty.
Any polarisation in duality will continue to be amplified as always until balance with inner harmonization is met and anchored in full human embodiment.
You may have already begun to notice, feel, and even witness the morphing of your energetic field, relationships, thoughts, beliefs, and values with physical energy levels.

Heart-centered connections are on the rise in 2021. It will continue to be the foundation upon which humanity rises. Those...

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I've been in deep reflection this last few weeks as 2020 was coming to a close. The trials, tribulations & blessings, gifts, miracles & grace were often hidden amongst a year full of global chaos.
Making time to look back on a year that the world took a collective pause, watching polarities at play, leadership battle it out & humanities spirit rise in ways that are a dawn of a new era upon us as we step across the golden light bridge into 2021.
No matter how you ring in the new year, undoubtedly 2020 will be the year that started seismic transformation across the earth, birthing continuous transformation still in 2021 & beyond for both the collective & the individual in how we live our lives, how we connect & how we build a global community that is embedded in unity, diversity, equality & inclusion, above all celebrated in the ever-presence of LOVE.
Take time out to reflect as we all ring in a new era; we simply, from here on in,...
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Introspection is one of the deepest gifts we can have with ourselves in the path of transformational change; regardless of how monumental it is to the small steps walked daily, it plays a pivotal role in the choices we make & the actions we take, the beliefs we build upon & the environments we share within. 

Often when we are met with transformation, changing our lives, we tend to only look towards where the light touches, which, to be fair at first glance, feels the most appealing. Yet, when we look beyond where the light touches, we can be met with a deeper & more profound self-aware relationship in growing our lives forward whilst being grounded in the now of our daily lives. 

Recently, I have been asking myself, my higher self & Godself, how I can show up in 2021 more courageously, lovingly & in service to my life's purpose. I wanted to share what's possible for you in 2021 in what I have been witnessing, observing &...

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Yesterday, I came across this literal metal "FORK IN THE ROAD" sign whilst out exploring. It reminded me of the conversations with clients I have been having this past week that felt appropriate to share here too...
As individuals, we are often presented with more than one choice in life; how we meet those choices reflects our relationship to self & with ourselves.
Because our outer reality is a reflection of our inner existence.
As someone who has many strong gifts of extrasensory ability, through sight, sound, taste, feeling & knowing with spirit & the spirit world from time to time I have individuals that cross my path seeking guidance thinking that forgoing freewill choice means they will get to the resolution or solution quicker.
When in actual fact, it's furthest from the truth. Where you place intension the universe will meet you precisely the same.
Freewill with all the paths before us as individuals & collectively are reflective of our choices.
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The intricacies of breath & heart unification are part of our human existence's very sacred central channel. Each breath's very transference oxygenates the heart that infiltrates our cellular consciousness throughout our physical human sacred vessels. Our bodies are phenomenal when you pause in a marvel of human physicality.
The ability to drive our inspiration towards our purpose, vision & aspirations.
Equally, to keep us stagnantly stifled & tied to the past.
The people of your past may or may not have changed. Truth be told, it's none of your business what path they chose because they are in the past.
Regardless if time determined your hand or fate did all the while...know what is meant for you will always & I mean in certainty always will be for you.
What is not, what is limited or has an expiry date will always fade away. Your job is to not be attached to an outcome but enjoy the ride of your life you walk daily.
Knowing your worth,...
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Come to know yourself in ways the world has not yet shown you possible.
Learn to know all of yourself from the inside out, the very life force energy you are & have always been.
You physical chalice of light™, the human physical form you are is constantly in co-creation & communication with you.
Are you consciously listening, observing & responding accordingly?
Our physical human vessels are the greatest direct barometer of truth with our own health, vitality, wellbeing, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, energetically, physically with intuitive connection with our own channel to GOD & all creation that is.
Your unique Chalice™ life force energy is constantly signaling to you to move through the past, liberating the now & heal your life so you can truly thrive forward.
However, we are not inherently taught to have this kind of relationship with ourselves.
Fact, this must change if humanity is truly...
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Come back to yourself, come back to the very life force energy you are. You have been living your life outside of yourself for far too long.
Your body sends you reminders, your spirit guides you inwards.
Yet you constantly keep craving external idealism, illusion & disconnection as the way forward.
Not one individual in human form gifts you wielding power to live your highest integrity, light & capacity to love in wholeness.
To yourself so you can speak freely to others.
Only you can & will walk this, speak this & become this.
Your absolute highest capacity to love, in your own power, voice & presence, own embodiment. As a human being having a spiritual exchange, heart, mind, body, soul with GOD.
Every time you seek permission to move forward by living through someone else lens of the world, you are denying your own.
The moment you decided that...
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Uncategorized Nov 06, 2020
Are you someone who waits for the "signs" to fully align before you make your next move?
Are you someone who defers all your power by waiting for permission to create lasting sustainable transformation in your life?
Fact, that in order for the next step to present for you in whatever you are desiring, co-creating, or manifesting into actuality in your life, you must take action.
Taking action requires you to create opportunities for yourself, by listening to the heart & allowing yourself to be curious as you explore what precisely aligns with you in full congruency.
Heart, mind, body, soul with GOD.
Emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, energetically within the sacred vessel, you are.
Not simply partially, too many individuals hold off doing anything without taking self-leadership into action by fear of choosing incorrectly.
Everything that is meant for you, I mean everything.
Will always come to pass if you are...
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We Gather
As the season's change,
The tides swell
The natural evolutionary cycle of life beckons at humanity once more.
To pause,
Traversing inwards listening to one's own heart beating to the drum of the universal light
Under the illumination of Divine Mother Earths changes
Our different paths collied
Our unique values intertwine.
As our beliefs are shared in potent reference from our collective to individual pasts deeply entrenched to our present
Differential life experience and growth
From near and far, form the known and the unknown.
We gather,
To witness, to hear & to support one another.
From heart and purity of expansive soul,
And yet the under the deep calling of the soul, we gather.
Coming to gather to be held and soften,
Love & be love
To express and unpack,
To share and allow a deeper resonance of connectivity to an ancient sacred space within the divine mystery.
To feel into one's breath,
To openly hold oneself among the company of those in...
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